The 5 Strangest Eating Habits in The World

We’ve already shown you that there are some foods that can cause cancer and you don’t even suspect. However, consuming them is not the biggest problem when it comes to food health.
This is because some people eat things that are totally unfit for human consumption or that can be much more harmful.

If you think that those diets in which the person eats only proteins or only foods of certain colors are very radical, wait until you know the case of these five people. Their food is simply unbelievable.

1. The Indian who eats bricks

Pakkirappa Hunagundi is a 30-year-old Indian who draws a lot of attention from the people in his village. This is because since he was 10 years old he eats compulsively, but do not think if it is about any specific type of food. The man eats stone, earth, bricks and mud.

What causes him to have this compulsion to eat bricks is a rare condition called allotriophagia. An eating disorder, which causes the person to have a compulsive urge to eat non-edible things like nails, pins, glass and wood.

2. The man who eats only dead animals on the road

Running over and colliding with wild animals is a reality on several roads around the world, especially those located in regions close to forests and forests.

Taking this issue into account, the American Jonathan McGowan, 44, started to eat based on the dead animals he found on the roads.

McGowan was in the habit of dissecting fish on the banks of rivers, shot pheasants and all kinds of animals run over on the highways. “Whenever I cut animals like that, I found fresh, organic meat, better than the ones I had seen in the super markets. So, I never saw a problem cooking and eating them ”, says the man.

3. The girl who can only swallow Tic-tac

Natalie Cooper is a 17 year old teenager who suffers from a mysterious physical condition. The girl just vomits everything she swallows.

Currently she feeds herself with a specially developed formula that offers the nutrients she needs. The formula is delivered to Cooper’s stomach through a tube inserted into his throat. In addition to the mixture, the only real food Natalie can swallow are the Tic-Tac candies.

4. The man who eats light bulbs

When it comes to bizarre food, the Algerian Salim Haini cannot be overlooked. He eats lamps, candles, sawdust and even nails. Haini tries to join Guinness as the man who has the strangest food on the planet.

5. The woman who eats sponges

Englishwoman Nicole Bonner has an eating disorder that draws attention. She suffers from allotriophagia, a disorder that makes the person want to eat a sponge. She claims she has eaten more than a thousand sponges, but currently she only eats half a sponge a day.