The Simpsons Recreates Classic Rock Album Covers, The Result Is Hilarious

The Simpsons recreated classic rock and metal album covers, thanks to an Instagram account called Springfield Albums. The creative profile of the social network is inspired by several disco arts with the cartoon that had its debut in 1989. The most fun are with the character Homer Simpson.

The Simpsons is one of the best known series in the world, and the animation has received countless guests related to Rock and Metal during its 31 years of existence so far.

But this crossover took on a new tone thanks to the Springfield Albums project, which takes classic covers of great albums of these genres and transforms them to include characters ranging from Homer and Bart Simpson to more secondary ones.

Among the covers are Slayer’s Show No Mercy; In Utero, Nirvana; Piece of Mind, Iron Maiden; Use your illusion, Guns N ’Roses; Dirt, Alice in Chains; Deep Purple in Rock, Deep Purple; 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day; Youthanasia, Megadeth; Ride the Lightning, Metallica; Vulgar Display of Power, by Pantera; Evil Empire, Rage Against the Machine; Meat is Murder, The Smiths; and Roots, from Sepultura.

The list is extensive, but we selected some interesting arts right after. To check out the Springfield Albums profile, visit this link.