These Crazy Soft Ice Cream Flavors In Japan Will Shock You

While most of the world eat sweet flavored soft ice cream such as chocolate, strawberry and other fruits, in Japan they do things a little differently. Their flavors tend to be of the salty kind and quite often include pieces of seafood and other meats and herbs.

Take a look at the flavors below and tells us which (if any) you would love to try.

Jellyfish Ice Cream

Image Source Mega Curioso

This ice cream not only tastes like jelly fish but also has large chunks of jelly fish mixed in, yummy. Just wondering if it has a sting to it.

Ice Cream With Fried Oysters

As disgusting as this sounds to most people it is actually a popular flavor in Japan. Apparantly the combination of sweet ice cream and salty oysters goes perfectly together. Even if thats what they are saying I would still give this flavour a miss.

Cup Noodles Ice Cream

Image Source Soranews24

Cup Noodle ice cream has vanilla flavoured ice cream with ingrediants you would normally find in ramen such as cubes of meat, prawns, pieces of onions and more. But thats not all you can also choose between curry or soy source flavor.

Shark’s Fin Ice Cream

Image Source Lakeview Farms

Another popular ice cream in Japan is shark fin, this flavor is supposed to have a tangy taste. Still not sure if I would like to try this one though, would you?

Horse Meat Flavor

Image Source RVCJ

This ice cream has chunks of raw horse meat mixed in which is crazy. I think I am gonna have to say neigh to this one.

Salted Fish Ice Cream

Image Source Mega Curioso

Sweet ice cream with salted fish mixed in. How could you resist.

Spicy Indian Curry Ice Cream

Image Source Mega Curioso

Quite often I like to have ice cream after a hot curry to cool my mouth down, but with this you can have the two at the same time. genius.

Chicken Wings Ice cream

Image Source BuzzFeed

If you like hot n spicy chicken wings then how about hot n spicy chicken wings ice cream? What a great combination, not.

Cactus Flavor

Image Source Phoenix New Times

As long as this ice cream doesn’t include the needles I actually wouldn’t mind trying it and it’s probably the only one on the list I would like to try.

Squid Ink Ice Cream

Image Source Cafemom

This flavor was originally introduced as a novelty but since it’s launch has grown in popularity. The Japanese seem to love the fishy flavor and striking black color.

Beer Flavored Ice Cream

Does exactly what it says on the lid, it’s ice cream and tastes of beer. Personally I don’t like beer but I imagine there are many people out there who would love to try this flavor.

Fish Ice Cream, Served With Salt Fish Stick Instead Of A Spoon

Image Source Ecotecho
What a great idea, once you’ve finished the ice cream you eat the spoon.

Sweet Potato Flavor

Image Source Mega Curioso

At last a flavor that is sweet with no saltyness.

Shrimp Ice Cream

Image Source Camp

Not only does this ice cream taste of shrimp but it actually comes with a couple of of real shrimp on top.

Coal Flavored Ice cream

Image Source The Cobalt Jade Website

This flavor features actual charcoal dust but is complimented with an aditional flavor such as mint or vanilla.

So which of these delicious soft ice cream flavors would you love to try?

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