These Food Dishes Looked So Bad That It Makes Them Hilarious

They can make you think that it doesn’t matter how bad your meals sometimes are, there can be even worse meals, by comparing them with these. Continue reading to see them.

1.- Pasta Without Anything. Why the Brits travel to the India for?

2.- Garlic Burger From A Local Burger Shop.You can imagem my breath after this right?

3.-My Sister Tried To Make Matzah But Ended Up in something else.

4.- Mother And Son Reunited In Afterlife

5.- Ordered Caesar Salad For $15 From One Of The Local Restaurants

6.- Lotus Root Into Wedges, Makes Aliens

7.- This Was much nicer When I Pictured It In My Head

8.- Homemade Bread Baked For 12 Hours.

9.- I think This Tin its A Bit Too Small.

10.- How about a Tray Of Grilled Cheese?

11.- Maybe I should Try Some Sausage Sushi Out

12.- Bacon Masks

13.- Soup In A Pepperoni Bowl

14.- Thought You Guys would Like This Pie I Baked

15.- what a nice sausage you got there

16.- I Don”t Think I Would Like To Eat Those

17.- This One Is called “Sadness”

18.- My kids Christmas tree Cookie

19.- Quite Poisonous Fugu Fish, With some Dried Anchovies!

20.- Some Pasta From A ‘5 Star Uber Restaurant’

21.- A Perfect Diet: Just A Box Of Cookie Dough

22.- Are those brains?

23.- My Aunt’s made a “hedgehog” Cake

24.- …Behold The Atrocity Of Man

25.- How Do You Roll Croissants?

26.- My Boss Sadly Has To Eat This Lunch Every Day

27.- This Is Just Wrong

28.- Pies With Faces

29.- Just A Banana With Instant Chicken Noodles

30.- Didn’t Have enough time to prepare my lunch.

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