These Wild Animals Look More Like Professional Models

These wild animals were found in a forest in Finland and they seemed quite comfortable to allow photographer Joachim to capture shots of them, in fact some of the poses they pulled looks like they could be professional models. LOL.

Photographer and artist Joachim Munter encountered these majestic wild animals during a trek through a Finnish forest and he couldn`t believe how placid they were and quickly started snapping up shots of these beautiful creatures.

Munter only started his photography career a few months but in such a short amount of time he has learnt to take some really amazing pictures of wild animals.

While it may seem these wild animals have been trained to pose in front of the camera they haven`t. Over time Munter has managed to build up a strong bond with these creatures in the forest and so they have become accustom to Munter and feel very comfortable in front of his lens.

1. Do You Come Here Often

If I didn`t know better I would think this squirrel is flirting with me.

2. Ok, You Caught Me In The Act

Despite foxes being solitary animals they do like to play, they have been found to play with other cats and dogs and also seen playing with toys such as balls which they regularly steal from golf courses.

3. Ever Seen A Squirrel Performing Maniac From Flashdance?

Did you know squirrel comes from the Greek word which means shadow tail?

4. Coming Into Land

Blue tits are one of the few birds that are acrobatic feeders, they are so light they can land on the tiniest of branches and hang upside down to feed.

5. Place Me Under Your Hat And I’ll Show You How To Make Delicious French Soup!

Mice are able to multiply at an extremely alarming rate. A female mouse is able to give birth at just two months old, and can produce a dozen babies every three weeks.

6. My Precious!

Squirrels can fall 30 meters without hurting themselves because they can use their tails as a parachute.

7. Are These Nuts For Me Sir?

I think I would rather something a bit more alive.

8. Welcome To My Humble Abode

It may seem like mice can disappear like Houdini but the fact is they can squeeze themselves through gaps as small as 6mm allowing them to escape almost any predator.

9. Are You Looking At Me? Well I am The Only One Here

Did you know a group of foxes is called a leash? Brings a new meaning to putting your dog on a leash.

10. To Squirrel Or Not To Squirrel, That Is The Question.

A squirrel`s eyes are positioned so that these little critters can see behind them.

11. I Can Fly Faster Than You Can Swim.

12. Draw Me Like One Of Your French Squirrels…

Squirrels have been clocked running at 20 mph.

Which of these wild animal pictures do you like the most, let us know in the comments below.

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