They Rescue A Baby Beaver And He Builds “dams” In The House Of His Keepers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a beaver at home? People have ponies, donkeys, squirrels, raccoons, spiders, scorpions, foxes, hedgehogs and many other unorthodox pets, why not a beaver?

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Well, it seems like fun until the beaver’s instincts kick in and he starts building a dam. And if he want to do it, yhe will, with whatever material he find around the house, such as cushions, cubes, boxes and more. Everything he finds works for him.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a beaver at home? Well, they get carried away by their instincts

Image Source – Youtube

This is Beave, an adorable rescued beaver who lives with Nancy, a wildlife rehabilitation specialist. Beave has been living with her since May 2020, when he was 3 weeks old, when she found him abandoned in a gutter.

He thinks Beave’s parents died, because they wouldn’t have left him there in the first place. Possibly poachers left it there.

This is Beave, a rescued beaver who is being cared for by a wildlife rehabilitator until he can return to the wild.

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And it doesn’t care where it is, it does what beavers do: build dams.

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Although you have had many animals to rehabilitate them, giving them a home, food and medical care while ensuring that they can return to their habitat, beavers are something different.

They stay with their family for about 2 years, during which they learn everything from them. All is all.

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The specialist shared in a video how she had to teach him to eat solids after finishing with his special milk. And when he showed her vegetables, she didn’t want to eat them. The rehab had to make her eat it so that Beave would understand and start trying another food. And still had to feed him by hand.

So Beave has 2 years of rehab left. Apart from swimming and learning things, he does what beavers do: build dams.

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“Beave is starting to build dams out of the objects in the house, but he’s not doing it outside or in the water yet. Dams everything. And when I clean it, it rebuilds it. ”

There are several videos of Beave building dams around the house using everything he finds

Beaver use everything from cushions to metal bars, to plungers and everything you catch.

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And they are not the typical dikes made of wood and the like. He takes everything he catches around the house and puts it on the threshold to make the dike.

Statues, cushions, shoes, cubes, cloth, mats, brushes, toys … whatever, surely you have already used it as a construction material. And the truth is that it is adorable.

Rehabilitating a beaver is not easy: “The biggest challenge is trying to get it to learn all the things its parents would teach it. It bites into everything in the house, but each time it is a new challenge. ”

Beave has its own Tiktok channel with over 1.1 M followers

If you give him enough time and items, Beave will build a pile of junk on a doorstep

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In addition to building dams, he also goes out to bathe and exercise, and to walk through the sanctuary. It will be returned to its habitat when it is 2 years old and has learned what it takes to survive.

For now, he has his own Tiktok channel dedicated to his life. There are videos of him swimming, walking, sniffing things, eating and with his caregiver answering questions from 370,000 followers who want to know more. And what he likes to eat the most is kale and grapes.

One of his videos building a dam has over 700,000 views, so clearly people are loving it. Don’t miss his other videos on TikTok and YouTube. And let us know what you think in the comments.