This Online Group Shares These Mistakes That Fit The Phrase “You had 1 job”

Even though failures hurt they can teach us important life lessons. But above all, when you only have 1 thing that you must do and you still screw it up, it can give us all some good laughs.

There is currently a community Reddit that have so many funny fail pictures it will definitely put a smile on your face: it is dedicated to these kinds of occupational failures that will take away your autumn sorrows away.

Here we have compiled a collection from this community of 379,000 members which we think are the most amusing. So take a look and vote for your favorites.

The subreddit is considered the “official repository” for typical “You had one job” posts. They do exactly that. So lets kick off with these funny pictures. Hope you find them as funny as we did.

1- A Damn Tile

Image Source – Knowyourmeme

2- It Looks Pretty Big

Image Source – Reddit

This subreddit was created in 2012 and has been growing ever since.

It’s certainly best to go through life with a great sense of humor, but this doesn’t hide the fact that failing at your job can have a huge negative impact on your mental, and even physical, well-being. We are social animals and what others think of us has some impact on us, even if we pretend that it is not.

3- Didn’t Fit In The Mailbox

4- Fight Crime With The Power Of Music

Image Source – Boredpanda

5- Are you serious?

Image Source – Reddit

6- You Didn’t Get It Right

Image Source – Twitter

Allowing ourselves to feel bad after failing something is, ironically, a positive and learning experience. Our brains try to find excuses why our failures are not necessarily so, but our turbulent feelings help us improve.

7- Someone Hates Children

Image Source – Boredpanda

8- How Does This Happen?

Image Source – Reddit

9- Crispy Vegetable Salad

Image Source – Diply

10- Ma’am, This Doesn’t Work Like This

Image Source – Dailyhighlight

11- Perfect For Children, oh Yes

Image Source – Reddit

12- I think they have counted it as an extra ingredient

Image Source – Spoonuniversity

13- It Happens More Often Than It Looks

Image Source – Boredpanda

14- I Asked My Boyfriend To Make Croissants

Image Source – Reddit

15- 15 Straws. Thank you.

Image Source – Reddit

16- I do not understand how this happened

Image Source – Cheezburger

17- But If They Are Of Different Colors …

Image Source – Boredpanda

18- The Neighbors Downstairs Have New Chandelier

Image Source – Boredpanda

19- They tried. But removing a blade won’t make it work

Image Source – Diply

20- Did you mean turn right. Right ?

Image Source – Ebaumsworld