Tips On How Not to Protect Yourself Against The Corona Virus

The corona virus arrived and, with it, a huge wave of concern. As we access the news daily, we see numerous recommendations on hygienic care and restrictions to prevent contagion, taking people around the planet to the extreme of prevention by creating foolproof (?) And, why not, flawless methods to fight this virus .

Possibly, a list of what we shouldn’t do to avoid contagion would easily fit in the entire side door of the refrigerator, with suggestions on social contact, agglomeration and others. However, to prevent infection, anything goes, even deviating a little from what was recommended.

Then, the great legends of health emerge, responsible for the most iconic images and for developing protection systems that even Leonardo Da Vinci, had he not been alive, would have invented. Escaping traditional masks and items that seek to block the entry of viral microparticles, these people took defense systems to another level.

See below some inspirations for you, your family, your girlfriend, your dog and all those who you like to embarrass, showing handmade alternatives, low cost and with innovative designs. It’s time for big companies to spend a few hours on the internet looking for new product models for their catalogs.

You know that giant bag that, since the last renovation of the house, has been leaning against the warehouse? It may be the right time to reuse it. See some possibilities below, so there is no doubt about the proper way to treat it.





Remembering that when returning from the supermarket it is important to sterilize bags and objects used when leaving home, including shoes.


If you can not buy masks in the pharmacy or in the markets do not worry here we have some example of what not do to protect her face.


Yeah … it looks like we’re back in the Middle Ages.