Tips On How To Plan a Cheap Trip Around Brazil

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So today we will give you some great tips to help you put together a perfect plan to travel around Brazil while on a budget.

Planning, where to start?

1- Destination

You are probably saying that this is obvious, isn’t it? Well, actually not choosing your destination can determine what your script will be, so it deserves attention.

.1st list all the places you would like to visit in Brazil during your vacation.
.Select 2 itineraries that you like best in each destination
.Make your choice through elimination.

2- Destination chosen

After the final decision of the chosen destination the time has come to start researching further about the place such as what to do, where to go, where to eat, local events and so on.

3- Budget

This is the hardest part, but it is also the part that brings you the most relief, because after a little head-banging with all the planning, this is when you can see that your trip is really going to happen and that only it’s up to you to make it real.

First just search to know about the values, do not book or buy anything on impulse, let’s calm down, you will need to research about the price of flights or the means of transport you will use, the price of hotels or hostels and transportation necessary case.

The company

Search in different companies and also at different times, so this is a list of everything you will need to spend such as how much you will spend at the airport, money to eat before the trip, medicines, hygiene kit, transportation to your accommodation and etc.

This way you will have a better control of your bills, tickets and installments. Book a hotel and you will pay gradually and every time you can add a value you scratch the list item off, because this way you will be able to see your trip starting to come together.

Amazing but cheap destinations to travel in Brazil

Prices will vary from state to state but these destinations have been rated as cheap based on the average airfare price for each location, the average lodging value as well as the amount charged for tours and other attractions.

1- Bonito – MS

One of the most beautiful tourist places we have in our country, for those who like nature already know what I’m talking about, Bonito is known for being the capital of ecotourism in Brazil and thus an environment surrounded by waterfalls, caves, trails beyond its crystal clear waters.

2- Porto Seguro – BH

Porto Seguro is home to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Brazilian coast, it is a perfect place for those who like excitement and parties, but is also the perfect place for those who want to rest.

3- Morro de São Paulo – BH

With crystal clear warm waters, white sands, amidst nature, the Cairu archipelago in Morro de Sao Paulo is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil and is worth checking out.

These are the tips we found to help you travel, it is important that if you really want to save money, make your travels during off-season.

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Brazil is an amazing place to travel to and if you can find a way to explore this stunning South American country on a tight budget then it will be an even better experience. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and maybe these tips will come in handy for some of you.

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