Top 10 Worst Jobs in the World That Someone Has To Do

Discover the top ten worst jobs in the world that some poor sole has to do. After seeing these horrendous occupations it might make you appreciate your job a bit more.

Don’t think you have the worst job in the world, not at all. Unless you are a portable toilet drain collector, a sperm collector, a body sniff, a gas sampler. Then, yes, you will probably have many reasons to say that you have one of the worst jobs in the world.

One survey selected the worst jobs in the world that include these professions. There are 10 in total. Check out:

1- Portable toilets sewage collector

The professional connects a hose to a waste collection truck that will dump the contents to an appropriate drainage site. Imagine the smell that you have to come home with at the end of the day. Distressing.

2- Mosquito tester

Unusual and dangerous, it’s the profession that puts you in direct contact with the malaria-transmitting mosquito. The mosquito loves human flesh more than any other animal. In the name of science, scientists use human subjects to conduct experiments.

3- Sewer pipe cleaner

A classic of the worst jobs in the world. Surely you have come across one of these professionals on the street or you may needed them at home. They enter the underground pipes to clear them. The smell is a horror and exposure to the local fauna (rats and other insects) is highly harmful.

4- Sperm collector

The profession is quite common in farms and some zoos. They have to seduce and masturbate the animals to get the sperm manually. Even though some places have the latest technology with machines that can do the work there are still places were people have to do the work by hand.

5- Fart Smeller

This profession began with an American gastroenterology from Minneapolis. At the time, he did a series of experiments to identify serious stomach ailments. For this he asked some volunteers to eat beans for days. The gases released by the volunteers were captured and stored in test tubes for later analysis. Through chemical tests, the doctor could determine their effects with the help of a team of professionals who specialize in fart Smells.

6- Buckingham Palace Guard

The profession has its real charm, but it’s beyond exhausting. The guards spend hours standing up and they can not move, not even a smile. Your duties include being dressed impeccably (well-ironed clothes and well-polished shoes).

7- Chewing Gum Cleaner

80-90% of chewing gum is not disposed of properly, and once it’s been discarded on the ground, it can be very tough to get rid of. People throw away the gum unconsciously without thinking that there is a person who is specializes in removing it of the streets, they use gas-powered industrial gum removal machines to clean up gum from most surfaces.

8- Crap Analyst

Our waste says a lot about us, and that is why there are many medical tests that diagnose our state of health by conducting studies on them. There are even companies like Techlab, in the United States, that develops kits to analyze human excrement that are then used in hospitals.

9- Haunted House Actor

They are very good at scaring visitors from the haunted houses, but their job is not that easy, the makeup dries out the skin a lot and must be horrible to wear that costume every day, and can you imagine all the shouting of the visitors on your ears every day. ouch!

10- Dead Animal Collectors

Unfortunately, one thing that happens a lot on the edge of the roads around the world are the bodies of dead animals victims of hit and run. The job of these professionals is to inspect the main highways where this type of accident happens and to collect the animal carcass.