Top 15 Moments of Lazy People Who Didn’t Want to do Their Job

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a job that they like, or even a job that they care about. For many, it is just a way to spend 8 or 9 hours a day that later justify the free time. But there are people who take this logic to the extreme, which becomes the cause of many funny job failures.

And there’s an online group known as the “Not My Job” subreddit that documents these hilarious glitches. Although it seems that painting a wall or installing a lamppost is not a big deal, you will see how it can also be done wrong. This community has 717,000 members, it was created in 2013 and this type of content is shared there.

Keep in mind that no one knows if these failures were really deliberate, since they may have occurred by mistake, but it is still very funny to see a job done that barely exceeds the threshold of minimum effort.

1- Improvise and Adapt

2- Here goes the headline Fsdjik Ndfij Jkfns

3- I’ve Already Painted The Flag Of Wales, Boss

Marina Rico Leyva 22 hours ago
In your case, it’s not laziness, it’s admitting you’re a dipper at drawing!

“This results in a product that is not useful or complete, depending on what it is.” This extreme carelessness without paying attention causes absurd situations, and this is what fuels r / notmyjob.

4- I’ve already installed the streetlight, boss

5- I’ve already finished the ramp, boss

6- I installed the fan, boss

The community was created 7 years ago when “a picture of a dead animal on the road had been painted when painting the road”, and this case showed that the painters were too lazy to do better.

“In the comments, someone wrote ‘It’s not my job!’ And many were interested in the idea. That’s how we created the subreddit.” Today they have between 25-30 publications a day and 717,000 members.

7- I’ve already installed the elevator buttons, boss

8- I decided it was faster to draw the codes, boss

9- I’ve painted the railing, boss

10- Damn it

11- This ATM in Egypt is not anchored and can electrocute people. The paper says “use the wooden stick”

12- We ordered bowls online and arrived like this. Someone wrapped a broken bowl, without the missing parts, it did not break on the way.

13- Sandbox to play just above a sewer

14- I’ve already done the wheelchair ramp

15-Fashion to another level

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