Top 5 Changes For The Future of Post-Pandemic Tourism

We’ve been living the coronavirus pandemic for a while. Fortunately, effective vaccines against the virus have already been found and some countries have started to vaccinate their populations.

Even if this does not mean that we are free from the coronavirus, it is a hope for the return of the world to the old normal.

Seeing that the outbreak has changed our lives and the way we handle things is nothing new for anyone. But we all know and hope that this pandemic will pass. Therefore, understanding how the world will be after this pandemic is important so that we can prepare for the future.

Tourism was one of the areas most affected by the pandemic. And several doubts have arisen about what travel will be like when the pandemic is a distant past. So much so, that was the time of the Barometer Viajala, which is a Latin American study on tourism trends made annually.

This study showed what will be the main changes that can be expected in the way of traveling. We show them here.

1 – Technology development

In this pandemic period, companies had several cancellations and travel changes. This demanded that technological support for passengers be better developed.

So much so that one of the trends is that more technological facilities are developed quickly. Thus, reducing bureaucracies and complaints.

2 – Long-term flexibility

A very common thing in this pandemic era was the policy of flexibility in exchanging and canceling tickets. This is a trend that can continue even after the outbreak of COVID-19 has passed. At least, that is what some American airlines point out.

“We understand that this is not going to be the reality for all companies, but it is possible that some will adopt more flexible policies and start with advantage in the post-pandemic, becoming more attractive to consumers than the competition,” said Josian Chevallier, VP sales and co-founder of Viajala.

3 – Sustainable travel

In recent years, sustainable tourism was already growing. And he will again be the focus of the post-pandemic resumption. Especially because, during the pandemic, the movement to strengthen small local entrepreneurs was very strong.

So, in a post-pandemic future, these experiences that bring contact with the local community, gastronomic experiences, affective and handmade products will be among the main choices of travelers.

4 – Exclusive experiences

Until a good part of the population is vaccinated, avoiding agglomerations is a rule. And that should last at least another year. Because of this, tours and trips to crowded places are being left aside. And travel by car, with few people still standing out.

For this reason, the search for exclusive experiences for rest and relaxation will continue to increase. In addition, these private tours provide greater autonomy and security for travelers.

5 – More nature trips

The type of travel also changed during the pandemic and tends to remain after it. Especially because with the financial crisis, unemployment, the rise in the dollar and restrictions on entering countries, travelers are rethinking international travel.

According to the Viajala survey, which was conducted with three thousand people in different countries, the main concern of 30% of travelers is the financial situation itself after the crisis.

Because of this, the trend in 2021 is that national destinations are more sought after. For example, beaches, mountains, canyons and riverside regions.