Top 7 Best Cathedrals In The World To Visit

We would all like to know some specific countries, right? During a trip, we can learn many things and visit incredible places. When people go to a tropical country, they choose to take walks on the beaches, in waterfalls, rivers and lakes, for example. When they go to cold countries, they want to have fun in the snow.

We take advantage of the tours to visit different restaurants, outdoor fairs, the most curious hotels, museums etc. And, among the most common destinations in all countries, are the cathedrals, which are much more than just a sacred place. While many people visit to find some kind of peace, others are just enchanted by the immaculate architecture.

There are reasons why people love these places. These buildings are handpicked, which is why they are so well looked after and popular. And it was thinking a little more about it, that we decided to bring this article to you, dear reader. So we listed some of the best cathedrals in the world. Check with us below and be surprised. Take the opportunity to share with your friends and.

Best cathedrals in the world

1 – Zipaquira Salt Cathedral, Colombia

Image Source – Smithsonian

This is one of the most unique cathedrals in the world. It is approximately 180 meters deep and was built in an old salt mine. It started with a small sanctuary, where the miners prayed before setting out on the dangerous journey. Over time, it evolved into what it is today. Today the cathedral receives more than 600 thousand people a year.

2 – Cathedral of Brasilia, Brazil

Image Source – Shutterstock

This is an incredible work created by Oscar Niemeyer. The building consists of about 20 curved concrete columns that start from the ground and meet at the top, forming what looks like a crown. Although very large, the cathedral has only one main room decorated with religious figures and prayer chairs. This is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.

3 – Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

Image Source – Trip

This cathedral is very famous. Saint Basil’s Cathedral is an extremely large cathedral and is on the list of the oldest in the world, since it was built in 1500. Saint Basil was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible after a successful capture of enemy territory. It only took 6 years for the cathedral to be built.

4 – Duomo di Milano, Italy

Image Source – Travel In Italy

Is this one of the most “regular” looking cathedrals on the list? Although it follows the style of many cathedrals before it, the Duomo di Milano stands out for its size and history. The construction of this cathedral started around 1300. Several collaborators took part in the project. Over 6 centuries, the building has been and continues to be renovated and is a significant part of the history of Italy.

5 – Hagia Sophia, Turqui

Image Source – Hagia-Sophia

Hagia Sophia means business, it is almost the size of a small town. The church has changed several hands over the years. It is a valuable asset of the Byzantines, the Ottomans and now the Turks. There are even tombs near the church, containing remains of members of the royal family.

6 – St. Paul’s Cathedral, England

Image Source – Emerging Europe

This is a work of art located in London. It is a huge structure that serves as a Christian holy place. The most recent version of this cathedral began in the late 1600s, after its predecessor was burned at the Great Fire in London. This place has become a tourist spot in the city, as it brings wonderful structures and paintings.

7 – St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Image Source – The Culture Trip

This is the largest and most important religious institution in Prague. The construction of this incredible monument began in 1300 and was completed in 1600. The delay was due to the Hussite Wars. Included in this Cathedral is the royal crypt in which people of high standards are buried in their respective times.

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