Top Images Of The Online Group “WTF”

There is one place on the internet that undoubtedly has the most ridiculous photos: a subreddit with the appropriate name of WTF. It has over 6.4 million members and nothing is off limits.

From a lizard living inside a microwave’s clock to a 200-foot hole in someone’s backyard, don’t miss out and take a look at some of the most popular images on this subreddit.

Curiosity makes us look at the photos on this list. Why wouldn’t we want to see a ship whose anchor has hit an unexploded torpedo, for example?

But curiosity has a price. Do not go over the stop if you go by public transport looking at this. Or get caught by the boss. We have warned you!

1- Alaska Cabin for Rent, Gorgeous Views

Image Source – Reddit

2- Yes, it doesn’t make sense to me either

Image Source – Reddit

3- My Venus Flytrap uses its energy to make 200 mouths instead of growing

Image Source – Reddit

4- 90-meter hole in a Cornwall garden. It is the shaft of a medieval mine

Image Source – Youtube

5- Clown mannequin tied to a grate in a drain pipe, 0.8 km from the entrance

Image Source – Reddit

6- The sky of Rome yesterday

Image Source – Reddit

7- A patient came in with a head full of buckshot. His wife accidentally shot him while trying to scare off a raccoon

Image Source – tumblr

8- At the ophthalmologist’s clinic

Image Source – Diply

9- Cemetery Fire That Looks Like A Horror Movie

Image Source – Reddit

10- Test track on the roof of the Fiat factory, 1929

Image Source – Reddit

11- Alligator at the door

Image Source – Animal Rescue Site

12- Inside This 1000 Year Old Buddha Sculpture There Is A Mummified Monk

Image Source – Colossal

13- I Bought An Abandoned House To Renovate And Found This In The Bathroom

Image Source – Reddit

14- This Train Failed Brakes And Was Stopped By A Whale Tail Sculpture

Image Source – Reddit

15- No filters. Australia during the fires

Image Source – Reddit

16- When weighed anchor they saw that they had hooked an unexploded torpedo

Image Source – Fletmon

17- This lady’s bag is not going to be stolen

Image source – Reddit

18- Crystal Eye Embedded In A Rock On The Beach

image Source – Twitter

19- I Was Camping In Pennsylvania And Found A Mountain Of Plates And Cups In The Middle Of The Forest

Image Source – Reddit

20- Believe or not 27 Contact Lenses was Found In A Patient’s Eye

Image Source – Self