Top Ten Most Dangerous Waves You`d Be Crazy To Swim In

Discover the top ten most dangerous waves in the world that many crazy people love to swim and surf in. Are you mad enough to join them?

1. Banzai Pipeline – Ehukai Beach Park, United States

The Banzai Pipeline topz our list because it has the most dangerous waves in the world. It has tragically taken the lives of many professional sportsmen but it doesn’t seem to put anyone off. It still remains one of the most popular surfing spots in the world.

2. Ghost Trees – Pebble Beach, Northern California

Ghost Trees can launch waves stretching 80 feet tall at the coast. It is a haven for surfers searching for the ultimate wave but unfortunately it has taken many lives. But these biggest waves in the world aren`t the only danger. The coast is also shark infested and is visited by the odd great white shark from time to time.

3. Mavericks – Half Moon Bay, Northern California

Another one of California`s most dangerous surf spots is Mavericks. The waves are enormous and you have the added danger of being hurled at the cliffs and giant boulders. Only the craziest of people enter these waters.

Just like Ghost Trees there has been a few Great White shark attacks.

4. Teahupoo – Tahiti

Teahupoo is regrded as “The Heaviest Wave In The World,” and you only have to watch these giant waves to see why. But what really makes Teahupoo one of the most dangerous waves in the world is because of the razor sharp coral reef at the bottom of the ocean. Many surfers have been slammed against it by the biggest waves in the world.

5. Wameia – Oahu

Waimea Bay has been one of the hottest big wave surf spots for about forty years. The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational surfing competition is regularly held here when the waves are big enough.

But like the rest of the big wave locations on our list it is riddled with many dangers and has taken numerous lives over the years.

6. Shipstern Bluff – Tasmania

Only the most determined people enter the water at Shipsterm Bluff. For starters it`s a two trek to reach here and then when you arrive you have the danger of being smashed against the giant rocks along the coast.

7. Dungeons – Cape Town

Dungeons earned it`s name because the continual 25 foot high waves can keep you trapped under water as they keep breaking above you. But that`s not the only danger, this area is home to thousands of seals and where there are seals there are Great white sharks hunting them.

Dungeons is only accessible by boat and with all the great whites in the area you just might need a bigger boat.

8. Cyclops – Australia

Cyclops has some of the biggest waves on earth but these waves are like no other. The coral reef below causes the wave to take bizarre shapes as they launch towards the coast, because of this few surfers like to ride these waves.

Plus you also have the danger of being thrown against the sharp coral reef.

9. Ours – Kurnell National Park, Australia

Ours is a hollow, fast, powerful wave that breaks in front of a large cliff face. If you don`t make the drop then you`ll probably end up pinned against the cliff and then it`s game over.

10. New Smyrna – Florida

New Smyrna doesn`t have the world`s biggest waves but the danger comes from the high number of sharks in the waters. It has been nicknamed the “Shark Attack Capital of the World,” and so you`ll be taking an enormous risk if you tried to take a dip.