Top Ten Ugliest Animals That Need An Emergency Dentist

If there was such a thing as an emergency dentist for animals then these critters could certainly do with some help to get a happy smile on their faces!

A fundamental part of the physiology of most living beings, the mouth fulfills functions that go far beyond feeding and making sounds. A gaping maw is a symbol of threat, especially if it has sharp teeth. Among animals, baring a mouthful of fangs at the enemy serves as a “do not approach” warning. Sharks, for example, developed over thousands of years very effective teeth, capable of destroying their victims in a few seconds. One of the largest reptiles on the planet, the komodo dragon has lethal toxins between its teeth, and one bite is enough for the animal to contract an infection that will incapacitate it in a few days. And as if teeth weren’t enough, the tiger’s tongue is so rough that it’s used to pull the fur off its victims after they’ve been killed. Check out the 10 most menacing mouths in nature.

The Baboon has fearsome and huge canines

Image Source – List Verse

The baboon has what is probably the most fearsome set of teeth in the ape family. Males especially grow elongated canines that they use for display and fighting each other.

Scary and strange hagfish

Image Source – Animal Wised

Hagfish have circular rows of teeth that latch onto their prey which they such out their victims blood and juices.

Fairy tale monster goblin

Image Source – Smithsonian

Goblin shark truly look like something from your scariest fairy tale story with nasty looking teeth and a protruding jaw.

Strong bite and almost human

Image Source – Snopes

The pacu fish comes from the Amazon. Its teeth are said to be the most like human teeth and the fish world and it uses them to crush nuts.

A real predator and vampire

Image Source – List Verse

This fish is actually related to the infamous piranha. But is even more scary with huge vampire type teeth that nothing can get away from.

Like a knife through butter

Image Source – Design You Trust

Tiger fish come from fresh water rivers and lakes in Africa. Their teeth and powerful jaws will slice through any flesh like it was butter.

Needle teeth

Image Source – Mamal

The deep sea angler fish has a set of huge needle type teeth that will entrap and devour anything that is unfortunate enough to cross its path.

The ocean unicorn

Image Source – Save The Narwhals

Narwhal live in the frigid waters of the north Atlantic and polar region. They have what looks like a horn growing out of the face but actually these are modified teeth and sometimes they even have two of them.

A bully and a bullfrog

Image Source – CN Traveler

The African bullfrog is a scary amphibian and with its two large bottom teeth it will attack anything that fits into its mouth even small rodents.

What a smile and top prize goes to the wolf fish

Image Source – Medium

Wolf fish come from deep waters in the north atlantic and has some of the strangest teeth in the fish world. This has to be one of the ugliest set of teeth ever and you would not want to be bitten by one of these creatures.

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