Top Ten Weirdest Jobs in the World

When we were young, we were always asked to pursue what makes us happy. If sleeping and eating ice cream make you happy and you are bored of working at your 9-5 job, look no further than this list right here!

Here are some unbelievable career paths that you would not believe exist – and still pay decently well!

1) Ice Cream Taster

Image source – IStock

An ice cream taster, or also known as a flavorologist, would have to stick to a daily schedule of tasting a
variety of ice cream and assess them on different aspects – flavor, texture, smell and appearance. Other than
that, they also shoulder the responsibility to invent new flavors! Talk about a career full of creamy

Expected salary: $56,000 a year

2) Pet Food Taster

Now that we are in the realm of food tasting, we can’t leave out quality assurance for our furry friends! Pet
food tasters would have to test the smell, appearance and taste the food. They also have to ensure that the
food is packed with nutrients! But don’t worry, eating pet food is not all that they do all day, they would also
have to come up with reports and initiatives on how to improve the savory bites!

Expected salary: $34,000-$100,000 a year

3) Professional Pusher

Image source – Daily Mail

In Japan, public transportation’s punctuality and superiority ensures that the system is the best in the world.
Uniformed officers known as professional pushers aims to cram as many people into the subway trams! In
order to ensure that as many people are able to fit into one tram, these pushers literally pushes passengers
into the trams so that the doors close.

Expected salary: $67,000 a year

4) Odor Judge

Image Source – Excite

As an odor judge, also known as smell experts, these people would have to assess a product’s smell and
ensure that it smells the way that it should. They have very sensitive noses so that a product works. The
products range from seafood to deodorants. By ensuring these products have a proper smell, they can
safeguard the consumers’ health.

Expected salary: $19,000-$52,000 a year

5) Professional Sleeper

Image Source – Texas Spine Clinic

Do you want to sleep and at the same time earn some hard-earned cash? A professional sleeper helps
scientists study the human brain and body whilst a person is sleeping. However, they have to ensure they are
able to sleep with all the wires attached to the body! A professional sleeper helps hospitals, hoteliers and
mattress makers.

Expected salary: $15,000 a year

6) Professional Cuddler

Image source – Parade

A quality cuddle time should never be undermined, but if you don’t have anyone to cuddle with, hire a
professional cuddler! A professional cuddler can help you relieve anxiety and strengthen your immune
system as it is a natural antidepressant.

Expected salary: $26,000 a year

7) Water Slide Tester

Image Source – Weston Mercury

Do you wish to have adrenaline as an essential part of a job? A water slide tester must have strong physique
in order to truly test the quality of a water slide. Furthermore, they would have to have the bravery to test out
possibly defective slides.

Expected salary: $30,000-$34,000 a year

8) Zombie

Image Source – Wales online

Haunted houses should have plenty of scary zombies in order to make it as frightening as possible. A zombie
has the expected job description – give patrons of haunted houses and festivals a scare of their life!

Expected salary: $30,000 a year

9) Line Stander

Image source – Big Think

Have you ever seen shops with a massive line full of hopeful people waiting to buy a merchandise? You
might want to buy one as well but you are too lazy to queue, so get yourself a line stander! A line stander is
paid by common citizens to buy items so that they won’t have to queue themselves. However, it is a hard and
boring job, but it pays well!

Expected salary: $20,000-$28,000 a year

10) Snake Milker

Image Source – Cairns Post (Youtube)

Let’s face it, this is probably the last thing you’d think of doing if you absolutely despise snakes. A snake
milker typically extracts venom from venomous snakes in order to create an antivenom used by doctors.
This has been proven to help in strokes and malignant tumors. Snake milkers usually milk hundreds of
snakes per week.

Expected salary: $30,000

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