6 Reasons Why You Need To Travel With Your Mother At Least Once A Year

Image Source India Times

When we’re kids all we think of is getting our mother to spend time with us even if it’s for two minutes, it didn’t really matter what the game was about but it was the time your mother was giving is what was important to us.

Once we’re adults, everything changes, and it’s turn for our mums to crave for spending some time with their children even if it’s only a small thoughtful present or a day out on a Sunday, anything will be so meaningful for her now that we’re grown up, and nothing is better than planning a trip for both of you once a year.

Maybe travelling with your mum doesn’t sound as interesting as travelling with friends or your partner, but we are going to give you 6 reasons why you should at least once a year plan a trip with your mum, regardless of the length of the trip, two weeks abroad to see monuments or a quick mini vacation to the beach on a weekend.

Getting out of your comfort zone

If both of you will be getting out of your comfort zone that will mean that you will both connect and get to know each other better in a sense that it has never happened before. We normally see our mothers in a familiar environment, but if this changes, then everything will be a new rewarding experience from both sides.

Getting to know each other better

You both probably will be telling each other stories about things and events that had never crossed your mind before, as mother and son/daughter. The opportunity of being on a trip with your mother will create a different bond that you previously had as you will be both chatting about new experiences in a new environment.

Ticking off your check lists

Whether if it’s a small get away trip to the beach or a week in a different country, you will both get the chance to cross off the places you always wanted to visit from your travelling check list on a yearly basis!

(Maybe)You’ll become great travel buddies

Travelling with your mother will lead to a constant honest situation with her about the different decisions you will be making around your trip together. Whether if it’s getting an agreement between you both to wake at a certain time in the morning or to go and visit the most important parts of a city. Or perhaps the choices for dinner, when and where, you could probably realize how much of a great buddy your mother can become when travelling with her.

It’s the nicest way to catch up

Very often we just forget about catching up with our mother due to our work and family commitments or because you live a long way from your mother’s house and it’s not very often when you both get to tell each other stories and curiosities about your lives. This yearly commitment will lead to a fun way of catching up with your mother.

Creating new memories that will last forever

Even if travelling with your mum doesn’t sound like your top choice, it’s very rewarding to start creating great memories and moments to share on future family reunions because of the fun travelling together to different places. What can be better than keep on creating new experiences and memories with your own mother?