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Are you interested in job openings in a fully recognized, committed, confident company that generates many opportunities daily for many people? Well, here you find this chance, at the company Ubisoft.

Ubisoft is a company that works in the development and creation of electronic games, which are known and desired all over the world, for their high technological capacity and excellent design.

The company Ubisoft is known worldwide and is present in almost all countries, in addition to being in the ranking of companies that hire more employees annually at their headquarters.

However, why does Ubisoft advertise several vacancies? The brand intends to expand its group of employees and generate opportunities for new people to learn in their lives.

So, to be part of this team and understand all the company’s concepts, just keep reading this article.

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Ubisoft vacancies

  1. Development Analyst

2. Marketing Assistant

3. General Assistant

4. Check assistant

5. Administrative Assistant

6. Systems Developer

7. Cleaning assistant


Vacancy Requirements

  • Complete high school
  • Over 19 years old
  • Good communication
  • Time availability
  • Agility
  • Be dynamic
  • Work well as a team
  • Proactive
  • Desire to learn
  • Show interest
  • Be dedicated

Ubisoft benefits

Food voucher
Transportation vouchers
Medical insurance
Discount at stores
Life insurance
Family assistance

Ubisoft protocol

Ubisoft is a company that has a large team working behind its innovations and developments, as it believes that good works, which generate great recognition, need a dedicated team working hard to make it work.

Thus, for all this work to make sense and for the company to be able to maintain its name and image in society, it is necessary for your company to have respect, equality and respect.

Aiming at this, so that these points are imposed with caution, the company creates a Protocol, which contains rules that the entire team of employees and superiors must follow, so that the common good of the brand is always in evidence.

In this sense, see below the main rules of Ubisoft:

  • Always arrive 10 minutes early
  • Never be late
  • Be responsible
  • Meet daily goals
  • Working as a team towards the goals of the month
  • Respect your superiors
  • Respect the team
  • Follow the protocol correctly
  • In case of unforeseen events, notify as soon as possible
  • Requests for time off and vacations, made in advance
  • Respect break and lunch times
  • Help the team with tasks
  • Always looking to learn new areas

Ubisoft Selection Process

The Ubisoft Selection Process takes place digitally, as the company understands that, in this way, the candidates’ view will be broader.

In this sense, to have access to the vacancy application, it is necessary to enter:

After accessing the form, you must fill in all the requirements and documents requested, thus submitting your application.

Afterwards, you must wait for confirmation of your vacancy, that is, your approval, which arrives via registered email.

Finally, after following all the steps, the last step is to wait for the company to schedule your face-to-face interview.

Good luck!

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