Very Cute And Comforting Photos Of Pets Rescued

There are a lot of reasons why adopting a pet is one of the best ideas. You save a life and give an animal a 2nd chance, you fight against kennels, you save money, you become a better person, you improve your physical and emotional well-being, and you can show off as a pet.

And no one knows this better than those who have rescued and adopted an animal. It’s that wonderful time when we’ve compiled our monthly list full of heart-melting adopted furry friends. Here you will see a lot of good boys and girls, hairy ones full of affection.

1- The only way for them to stay together was to adopt them both, I had no choice

Image Source – aworkstation

2- This little girl with a facial birth defect stole my heart. Nala is called

Image Source – successlifelounge

3- This cat has adopted a puppy

Image Source – The Dodo

“Life changes are to be expected throughout the pet’s life, such as moving, having children, or a new job, so it is important to consider how you will care for the pet during these changes before adopting it. Many shelters offer various types of support. To answer these questions, before or after adopting, “says ASPCA’s DiCicco.

4- Just adopted. I think he likes me

Image Source – Reddit

5- His name is Shayshay, he is 11 years old and his owner could no longer take care of him, so we adopted him

Image Source – successlifelounge

6- We adopt a 2nd cat and he has become the soul mate of our first cat, they are inseparable

Image Source – Reddit

“Each shelter is different, but pets are usually evaluated and then presented to potential adopters based on compatibility. Each animal is different, and the shelter staff are experts in finding a good fit. If you think you can’t adopt, you can always welcoming, as you change the life of the animal for the better and it is comforting for the keepers. ”

“We always encourage adopters to be open-minded when visiting a shelter, as they could end up with a pet they never thought of, such as a grandparent or one that is not what they had in mind. Adopting animals from a shelter saves more than one life, since it leaves space and resources for another animal that needs it. ”

7- We adopted Nova 12 weeks ago and here’s how much she has grown

Image Source – Aworkstation

8- They found an abandoned squirrel and adopted her, her name is Conker

Image Source – Successlifelounge

9- This stray cat brought her young to the house of the lady who fed her. All were accepted and adopted

Image Source – LoveMeow

“Since the pandemic began, it has been difficult for animal shelters. Each is facing specific challenges. Many have downsized their staff to maintain social distance, limiting the services they offer. There is also the economic impact , with fewer donations and the inability to organize fundraisers, which is often a key to keep up. ”

10- I have adopted these little monsters

Image Source – Successlifelounge

11- This Angry Cat Is Named Giggles And He Just Been Adopted

Image Source – IHeart

12- I just adopted Tofu and he is very affectionate

Image Source – Reddit

“There are hundreds of thousands of animals in shelters, NGOs implementing innovative solutions, such as virtual adoptions, online meetings, or minimal touch deliveries to help the animals find a home.”

13- Just adopted and has already found his favorite place to sunbathe

Image Source – Awesomeinventions

14- Newly adopted and he likes to climb on his shoulders

Image Source – Awesomeinventions

15- His Name Is Arnold And We Rescued Him

Image Source – Successlifelounge

16- We adopted our son when he was 2 1/2 years old after his parents passed away. He dreams of being a K9 police officer. This is her new friend, Jovi

Image Source – Awesomeinvention

17- I accidentally adopted a sleeping machine

Image Source – Awesomeinvention

18- Chloe Is 12 Years Old And I Just Rescued Her

Image Source – Awesomeinvention

19- Dalton is diabetic and 13 years old, my family has adopted him

Image Source – Successlifelounge

20- Axel Was So Scared At The Shelter It Took 4 Months To Be Adopted And Then He Was Returned For Being “Too Shy.” Now he loves his life

Image Source – Successlifelounge

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