Very Funny Kids Ruining Their School Photos

School days bring us beautiful memories and fun moments, like when the day of taking the photo came. Mom would choose the clothes the day before, Dad would tell you how to pose, but he was playing a joke on you.

We return to the present and the evidence persists. That school photos of yours is still there, it’s like a trip back in time, a memory of those innocent days, and as long as there is childhood, the school photos will survive.

This time we have compiled some of the most entertaining and fun school photos, in which children turn out great, just not exactly how their parents would like. But hey, it has happened to all of us, and because the girl comes out with a crazy face, it is not the end of the world. So, a little calm.

1- He didn’t want to take his school picture. But the parents still have his framed at home 20 years later.

2- Reagan has brought home his school photos. I don’t know whether to punish him or laugh.

3- 10 Years Old And I Look Like A Middle-aged Mom Who Smiles While Judging You.

For millions of children, Picture Day is special. They smile what they can at the camera (or not) and are immortalized in a photo that captures everything: their innocence, clumsiness and carelessness that will always torment their parents.

4- My mother confused pyjama day and photo day.

5- Me in 4th grade ready to go on a tropical safari.

6- Me in 2nd grade. I am a girl.

7- Yeeha.

8- This went to the 2nd try.

9- I didn’t know how to smile in first grade.

10- I’m so mad. I have looked in my son’s backpack and found these photos.

11- When your child wears green on photo day.

12- They took Mason’s nursery pictures and I didn’t want his name to appear on the bottom, so I wrote “I don’t want this” and now I have 30 pictures of him with that text.

13- I think this is my favorite photo of all time.

14- My brother in preschool. I didn’t know how to smile.

15- They offered to take the photo again but my parents did not want to.

16- I told my 9-year-old that I didn’t care how he came out in the photos. So it came out like this.

17- OMG.

18- Don’t let your child wear green on photo day.

19- I was so excited to see my son’s photo.

20- School photos in early 2000.

21- They told me not to close my eyes.

22- How’s 2020 going?

23- Jack’s photo from this year. Really???

24- They told me to smile.

25- My Mother Found The School Pictures.

I just remember my mom was mad because they didn’t let me do a retake.