Meet Yoda The Cat Who Was Born With Two Sets Of Ears

Yoda the cat is an extremely rare feline that was born two extra ears. He was adopted by a couple in Chicago who couldn’t resist his cute character.

Valerie and Ted Rock adopted the little fella after visiting a bar near their home in Chicago, United States. The entire family fell in love with him and he has since become an internet sensation after Valerie and Ted’s son posted pictures of Yoda on Flickr. Since then they have received numerous requests from different websites and newspapers to meet the rare feline.

Yoda the cat was born with an unusual genetic mutation that caused his ears to look different and grow a duplicate pair. The one set works perfectly allowing Yoda to have normal hearing while the other set are non functional.

Because of Yoda`s strange ears he was rejected as a kitten. His original owners took him to a pub to try and find a new owner. Luckily for Yoda Valerie and ted walked in and instantly fell in love with Yoda the cat. Despite being a funny animal he is extremely adorable.

A trip to the vets revealed that it was an extremely rare condition that had only ever been reported one other time in Germany. This made Yoda a very special cat indeed.

The only risk his owners fear is that he may be kidnapped since he has become famous. So the feline is usually kept indoors and has a microchip installed under his skin in case he gets lost. Despite being kept indoors the cat has plenty of toys to keep him entertained.

The couple decided to name their new cat Yoda because he reminded them of the Jedi master from Star wars.

Check out some more pictures of Yoda below:

Yoda The Cat At Easter

Yoda The Cat At Christmas

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