You Have The Courage To Go Snorkel Diving With Great White Sharks?

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Snorkel diving is a favored past time for many people but one young lady has taken it to a whole new level by actually jumping in and swimming with great white sharks!

Fearsome jaws of the enormous great white

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Petite blonde Ramsey from the Ocean Ramsey team free dives with one of the biggest great whites ever seen. The encounter took place in the warm oceans off the coast of Hawaii’s island Honolulu.

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Ramsey, known to her team as the shark whisperer gently slips into the water and calmly approaches the great white. Gently taking hold of the enormous dorsal fin, the ride of her life with this deadly predator begins.

She says the shark knows she is there. It acknowledges and observes her as much as she observes it. She believes it does not see her as a prey item so she does not feel under threat of attack.

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These animals are on the endangered species list in risk of extinction. The more we learn about these misunderstood creatures the better chance we have to save them. They are not the ruthless killers that many people believe.

Most attacks by great white sharks are a case of mistaken identity. A surfer from below the water looks very similar to a seal which is one of their main prey items. The shark will make an experimental bite but then in most cases lets go.

Unfortunately the size and power of the bite sometimes results in death. This rule does not apply to some other species of large shark though. Tiger sharks and bull shark will sometimes intentionally attack humans.

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Sharks are not fish, they are a much older species which have cartilage instead of bones. Unlike fish they also need to keep swimming so that water passes their gills to breath.

Some characteristics of the white shark

The white shark (Carcharodon carcharias, scientific name) is one of the largest species found today and the largest among predatory sharks. He is at the top of the ocean chain.

The species is impressive for its size, reaching up to 7 meters in length and weighing about 2.5 tons.

It is commonly found in coastal regions around the world, especially in temperate waters. Despite being relatively harmless to humans, the great white shark has gained movie fame and is one of the most feared animals in the world.

Great White Shark Features

In the species, females are larger than males.

Sharks are cartilaginous, their scales are not the same as those of common fish, they are called dermal denticles. These microscales give a smooth appearance to the skin of sharks and rays.

Great white shark and its hunting scars

Great white sharks have white lower cartilage (belly), which gives them their name. However, its back is gray or bluish in color.

Unlike other species of fish, white sharks do not have a swim bladder, which forces them to be in constant motion so as not to sink into the sea.

Despite the difficult tracking of individuals of the species, scientists estimate that white sharks can live up to 70 years.

There are few animals that threaten sharks in their environment. Among them are some large mammals such as the orca and the sperm whale.

Several parts of this predator’s body are used in medical science. Its cartilage has a substance that, in laboratory animals, has been shown to inhibit tumor growth. Another compound present in sharks is used to produce artificial skin. And the cornea is used to make transplants in humans

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