You Wont Believe The Crazy Things People Have Coated In Gold

From Chinese temples clad with gold leaves to Egyptian sarcophagi of pharaohs coated in gold, this metal has always generated fascination but it’s crazy what some people have coated in this luxurious substance.

Gold has enchanted the human race since the dawn of time, having been associated with wealth in different civilizations. It is amazing how many objects can be manufactured in solid gold and the amount of applications of this precious metal.

Gold continues to fascinate men and women all over the world. In modern times, there are cars coated in gold in Russia, machines that sell gold in bars in Dubai (as if it were a cash machine), gold-plated bathrooms in China and gold walls in mansions in the Middle East.

The use of gold may have declined in some cultures, but in most of the world it is still considered a symbol of wealth and power.

The price of this precious metal remains high and many people with money invest in gold. See below some unusual things that are made of or coated in gold.

1. Gold Facial Mask – $ 1,000 Dollars

Image Source – MTL Blog

A thousand dollars for two hours of facial treatment with a gold mask is not so bad for those who have plenty of money. This practice seems to have originated in ancient Egypt with stories of Cleopatra wearing gold on her face every night to keep her skin young and healthy.

In 2006, a Japanese company started manufacturing this 24-carat gold mask, which is found in very few stores. Even though there is no scientific evidence that it actually makes your skin healthy people still seem to like paying for the treatment.

2. Chocolate Pudding – $ 35,000 Dollars

Image Source – China Daily

This exclusive dessert has edible gold leaves and can be found on the menu of several fine restaurants around the world. This pudding also includes caviar and diamonds.

But it’s not just Christmas puddings, a sprinkle of gold flakes has been used to turn pizzas, cupcakes, vodka and lots more into expensive dishes.

3. World’s Most Expensive Coffin- $ 50,000 Dollars

Image Source – Alux

This is officially the world’s most expensive coffin, made by the company called ‘Golden Casket Company’. The coffin is handcrafted and features a deep red quilted lining inside for those who want to be buried in luxurious gold.

4. Shirt Made of Gold – $ 250,000 Dollars

Image Source – Posh pawn

This special shirt was made by 15 craftsmen, who worked tirelessly for 16 days to complete the piece. Datta Punge is the Indian owner of the shirt, which contains 14,000 small pieces of 22 carat gold.

5. A Gold Toilet – $ 2.5 Million Dollars

Image Source – Scoop Empire

This toilet and seat is made of 24 carat gold. To complement the style they also have gold toilet paper that costs 1.3 million dollars and is produced by the Australian company called ‘The toilet paper man’.

6. Christmas Tree – $ 11 million Dollars

Image Source – Ebaums World

This Christmas tree has gold ornaments. It was exhibited at a 7-star hotel in Abu Dhabi on Christmas 2010 and considered by the Guinness Book to be the most expensive Christmas tree of all time.

All the ornaments are made of solid gold and the gifts are also wrapped with gold leaves.

7. The Gold iPhone – $ 15 million Dollars

Image Source – Engadget

No wonder this is the most expensive cell phone in the world, it is covered with a layer of 22 carat gold and encrusted with diamonds. This rarity was made by the jewelers Stuart Hughes.

8. Lamborghini Coated In Gold – $ 62 million Dollars

Image Source – Youtube

This incredible super-car was coated in gold and platinum. But that wasn`t all, it is also encrusted with diamonds.

Bonus Facts About Gold

1. Gold one of the only metals that does not rust and it is believed that we have only discovered 20% of the world’s gold resource.

2. Back in the fourteenth century, people used to drink molten gold and eat crushed emeralds because they believed it would cure them of the bubonic plaque.

3. Gold is edible. In numerous Asian countries there is a custom to put gold flakes on fruit, jelly snacks, coffee, and tea. It has also been put into bottles of liquor, such as Danziger Goldwasser and Goldschlager since the fifteenth century.

4. The world’s largest stockpile of gold is located five stories underground inside the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s vault. It currently holds twenty five percent of the world’s gold reserve which is estimated at around 540,000 gold bars.

5. Nearly all of the gold on Earth came from meteorites that bombarded the planet millions of years ago.

What object would you like to have coated in gold?