10 Awesome Parents That Created Amazing Costumes And More For Their Kids

Discover some incredible costumes and toys that parents have made for their little ones. Take a look and see which one is your favorite.

1. Knight’s Armor, Sword and Shield

Image Source – Wrnking

Warren King created this really cool medieval-style cardboard armor for his son. His skills as a cardboard artist came in handy when making this gift for his boy. Just needs a castle and a round table to complete the set. How cool is this?

2. Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

Image Source – Laughingsquid

Marty pants (yes that is his real name), created this awesome invisible jet for his daughter to wear during their visit to the Milwaukee Comic Con. Marty is a professional balloonist so creating this jet was an easy task for him and the results – a highly happy daughter.

3. Mad Max Monster Machines

Image Source – Dreadcentral

Dad of two from California turned two old Little Tykes Cozy Coupes into these awesome Mad Max play cars. He even made them Mad Max costumes to match. Just hope they don’t start asking to watch the movie as it is just a little bit too gruesome for them.

4. American Ninja Warrior Course

Image Source – Today

Gavin MacCall’s daughter was crazy to become a ninja so to set her on the path to becoming a ninja master he built this awesome course for her to start her training. Makes you wonder if her wish came true.

5. Mech Warrior father And Son Costume

Image Source – Imgur

This costume has dad hiding inside controlling it while his kid sits in the cockpit. This is the costumes most kids can only dream of having. Would of loved to see people’s reactions as this mech walked by.

6. Disney Princess Dress

Image Source – Romper

Nephi Garcia is a father of three and a fashion designer. Just for fun he made his daughter a princess dress from the Cinderella movie. After letting her wear it to the Disney park one day he received huge interest from people and before long orders where coming in left right and center.

He has now turned it into a profitable business.

7. Disney Photo Shoot

Image Source – Mashable

For a valentine gift to his daughter this dad from Utah created a very special photo shoot for his little princess. He photo shopped his daughter into Disney classics such as Cinderella and Beauty And The Beast and as you might of guessed, his daughter loved it.

8. Thor’s Hammer

Image Source – Sideshow

This little superhero wanted a real Thor’s hammer for his fourth birthday so daddy got to work and forged a replica of Mjollnir for his son.

9. Mad Max Truck

Image Source – Pinterest

Both parents Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith from the United States teamed up to give their kids the ultimate road warrior gift. This truck looks awesome and the kids look the part too.

10. Predator Costume

Image Source – Reddit

This costume was made for daddy’s little girl to wear at a comic con convention. It has to be one of the best predator costumes we have ever seen and is our favourite on the list.

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