8 Unlikely Animal Friendships Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

Take a look and see the pictures of some unbelievable animal friendships that you would not have imagined existed in your wildest fantasy!

Who says that animals don’t have feelings, compassion and a sense of unconditional love?
Yes, some people still don’t believe this, but here are some amazing pictures that will prove them totally wrong and which will melt your hearts. So read on to learn about these heart warming animal friendships.

1. The Tiger, The Lion & the Bear

A little fairytale story that you will never forget

Image Source ABC News

“Shera Khan” a tiger cub, “Leo” a lion cub and “Baloo” a bear cub, were all living together in a dark basement. Their owner was a drug dealer who had maltreated the poor cubs badly. For instance, Baloo had a collar that had become too small and grown into his skin. He needed surgery to get it operated out.

However, this hardship gave the 3 cubs a bond that is everlasting. They were rescued and are now living together in their forever home in a sanctuary in Georgia. So far they have been AFF for 12 years, and hopefully many more years await them!

2. The Elephant & The Labrador

Image Source Boredpanda

Yes, who would have believed that “Bubbles”, an African elephant, who lost her parents to poachers in Africa, and was then brought to the US in Myrtle Beach Safari Park, South Carolina would become best friends with a dog!

She was probably lonely, but so was Bella- a black Labrador puppy that was left in the park by one of the contractors who built the swimming pool in Bubbles’ new home. And for some odd reason, they became AFF and looove playing in the water together.

“Fetch the ball game”, Bubbles often throws a tennis ball in the air and Bella does what she loves, fetches it.

What a friendship!

3. The Chimpanzee And Tiger Cub

Prey and Predator?
No way in this amazing AFF.

Image Source Boredpanda

The Hurricane Hannah damaged big areas of South Carolina in the US, including a zoo. It distressed a tiger mum so much, that her cobs had to be removed because she got aggressive towards them.
Instead they came to “The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS)” in South Carolina.

A keeper in the zoo had raised a chimpanzee named Anjna, and as the saying goes “monkey see, monkey do”. Anjna is simply taking care of other animals, as she was taken cared of herself. She can even give them the bottle. How cute is that?

4. The Giraffe and The Ostrich

Image Source Pinterest

“Bea”, the giraffe and “Wilma”, the ostrich, are best pals. So weird, but they have chosen each others friendship. They were both born at Busch Gardens theme park in Florida, a copy-like safari park of the Serengeti. They have plenty of space, actually more than 65 acres where there are plenty of their own kind to interact with, but still they choose to be together every day. What an odd friendship when they actually do have a choice of being with fellow species.

5. The Wild Fox & The Dog

Image Source Boredpanda

A Norwegian photographer walked in the beautiful Norwegian woods with his dog Tinni. One day something extraordinary happened, they met a wild fox. Well, that’s not so extraordinary, LOL, but the friendship that the fox and the dog bonded is so incredible that even a book has been written about it. All the income from it goes to help an anti-fur trade campaign and the photographers’ conservation.

6. The Wild Fox & The Cat

It seems as foxes not only like to be friends with dogs, but also with cats.
Perhaps foxes are just more social and have a bigger need for company than we anticipate?

Image Source Boredpanda

A fisherman in Eastern Turkey one day saw a fox and a stray cat, but strangely enough, they seemed to enjoy each others company. He photographed them playing, and he and other fishermen often return and give them food. After both the fox and the cat eat the fish that the fishermen give them then they play for hours and hours. The fishermen have seen the fox and the cat being playing together for over a year now and they are still best pals, so it seems as another amazing long term AFF.

7. The Dog & The Lion

Image Source Boredpanda

“Milo” is a tiny little sausage dog (dachshund) and “Bonedigger” is the king of the jungle (a male lion). For the last 5 years they have been AFF and are probably going to be that for a long time going forward. The little dog loves cleaning Bonediggers teeth and licks them when he gets the opportunity. He has also tried to copy his big lion roar, but it is difficult for him to sound as loud and scary. They live together in a zoo in Oklahoma.

8. The Owl & The Dog

Now also an Owl “Poldi” and a Belgian Shepard “Ingo”.

Image Source Boredpanda

Tanja Brandt, a German photographer, has made a beautiful picture book, that can be bought on amazon. The adorable and incredibly beautiful photos have even been compiled in a German picture book you can buy on Amazon.

What is it with these weird, incredible animal friendships?

Well, research shows that domesticated animals have a tendency to accept humans and other species quite easily and create a strong bond. Especially young animals, because they seem to search for other animals to help getting food and protection.

Most of these animal friendships are being made in captivity, but as we have seen in the latter a lot of domesticated and wild animals can also create strong friendships.

And why chose each other? Well, as you most likely have experienced with your own pets, then they are quite selective with who they chose as “friends”. Dogs don’t like all other dogs, and the same counts for cats. And for ourselves 🙂 And apparently its the same with these interspecies animal bonds. Some just have that special chemistry…soulmates and when these animal friendships conect it is forever.

Well, that we’ll leave up to you to ponder about. But the stories and the pictures are heartwarming, no matter what 🙂

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