New Glass Walkway With Incredible Cascade Opens In China

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The Qingyuan Huangtengxia glass walkway has opened up in China and it is one of the most spectacular and highest glass corridors in the world.

This glass walkway is a crazy 500 meters off the ground and gives visitors who are brave enough to venture on the sky to the sky walk some of the most spectacular views of the surrounding scenery, but thats not all, it also features the world’s largest circular waterfall and the world’s largest single piece of glass. The glass has a thickness of 6cm and is the most transparent sheet of glass ever made.

It`s just as incredible when the sun goes down, at night this tennis racket shaped glass walkway becomes an amazing light show. The structure is lit up with 2000 lights to show the stunning waterfall in all it`s glory. Music is also blasted out giving visitors to the hanging corridor a magical experience that they will never forget.

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It took just 12 months to construct the Qingyuan Huangtengxia Glass Corridor and it is strong enough to hold up to 4000 visitors, which reassures those who are a bit too scared to venture onto the platform.

The glass walkway has become a huge success with tourists traveling to the structure from all over China and the world.

Qingyuan Huangtengxia Glass Corridor has also been used as a fashion show transforming the glass corridor into a dizzying runway for the models.

The models appeared to be unfazed by the sheer drop and had to remove their shoes as to not scratch the glass. The event was a huge success and was a fashion show like nothing that has ever been staged before.

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The local area is already a huge tourist hotspot with more than one million visitors turning up every year for just the rafting activities in Huangtengxia gorge but after this sky walk has opened tourism is expected to explode in the area.

Glass walkways are becoming increasingly popular with new ones popping up every year across the world, it is the new and most adrenaline pumped way to see of this beautiful planet. China is of course leading the pack with their spectacular glass corridors and each new one that is constructed is designed to be more thrilling than the others.

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The oval shaped platform is reportedly inspired by two badminton rackets but others seem to think it has a similarity to a Western-style toilet with the seat up.

The Huangtengxia Tianmen Sky Walk protrudes 368 metres (1,207 feet) from the cliff edge and is suspended 500 metres (1,640 feet) above the ground. The 168-metre (551-feet) long glass walkway has man-made waterfall built under it and was opened to the public on June 5th 2019.

How Much Are Qingyuan Huangtengxia Glass Walkway Tickets

The Qingyuan Huangtengxia glass walkway is open from 09:00 to 21:00 with tickets costing 198 Yuan (about US$30).

How to Get To Qingyuan Huangtengxia Sky Walk?

Qingyuan is about 90 km from Guangzhou. You could take the bus from Guangzhou Bus Station to Qingyuan Shijiao Bus Station(清远石角汽车站). Then take bus No.218 to Fengyu Xing Chun Station(凤宇新村), and transfer to Bus No.206 to Shi Jie Du Suo Station(市戒毒所) from where is 3.6 km to Qingyuan Huang Teng Canyon.

From Shenzhen: If you are in Shenzhen, you could take the bus from Shenzhen Longhua Bus Station(深圳龙华汽车站) or Shenzhen Futian Bus Station(深圳福田汽车站) to Qingyuan ZhongGuan Bus Station(清远中冠汽车客运站), then transfer to bus No.208 and get off at Dong Cheng Xiao Xue Station (东城小学站), and lastly, transfer to bus 24 and get off at Huang Teng Canyon Station(黄腾峡站).

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Do you have the courage to walk along this breath taking glass bridges? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts.

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